Employment and Labour Relations

The relationship between an employee and their employer in the workplace is multifaceted and oftentimes complicated. As a result, in Canada, the legal framework surrounding employment and labour relations can be daunting. We give you peace of mind by anticipating potential employment and labour disputes, ultimately saving your business from common pitfalls and their damaging impact—before they happen.

When clients come to us with an active dispute, our goal is to seek a resolution that’s in their best interest while still adhering to the laws that govern workplace relationships. That means avoiding lengthy and costly litigation as well as threats to your reputation and financial performance. If the dispute escalates, Greenspoon’s litigation attorneys are equipped to litigate matters before courts at all levels, including labour relations tribunals. We’re committed to representing our clients’ rights until the trial and appeal stage.

We provide strategic advice on:

•    Employment standards
•    Hiring
•    Dismissals
•    Occupational health and safety
•    Compliance with privacy laws
•    Employment contracts
•    Personnel and workplace policies